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Power of attorney

The power of attorney would be used when it is with a grantor’s ID /passport. The power of attorney can be used to perform an act of the grantor. The grantor must be responsible for the act performs by the agent’s behalf.  Therefore, the grantor would be careful to not sign a blank power of attorney. Furthermore, the grantor would give a power of an attorney for specific act and ensure that the act of agent would be under his/her control.


For marriage registration in Thailand, divorce would succeed in two ways include ruling of court and divorce registration. It is easier if the party agree to divorce. However, if not; the court would be another solution for divorce. There are two main issues of divorce include property and child.

I Property

The issue occurs normally if the party could not negotiate with each other. The Civil and Commercial Code assumes the property bought while marriage belongs to both parties. However, the party who actually belongs to the property could prove whether his/her belong to the property. As a civil case in Thailand, an agreement is really important. Therefore, in order to avoid this issue, an owner of the property should make a prenuptial agreement.

II Child

While divorce registration, the parties could negotiate a person who would take care a child, if could not, the court could decide who would take care a child.


A condominium bought while marriage registration is assumed belongs to both parties even though only one party has name as the owner of condominium. However, the party who belongs to the condominium could clearly prove that the condominium is bought by his/her own money.

Land Property

According to the Land Code, a foreigner could not hold the land in Thailand, except; there is a permit by the government.

However, it is “illegal” if the foreigner buy the land without a mentioned permit. However, there is a solution under Sec. 94, the foreigner must sell the land within prescribed period of time of a director-general, if not; the land could be in forced to sell.


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