Civil Case


To ensure that the plaintiff gets damage due to the defendant, before suing; the violator shall send a notice to the violator. The notice would be an evidence shown to the court. As more evidences would affect to accept/denial of the case.


Nowadays, a civil case covers many categories such as a special cases, for example; Labor case, Intellectual Property case, child cases. Therefore, the case must be filed to a special court if not it might be denied.

An answer against the plaintiff

After the case is accepted by the court, the defendant is responsible to file an answer against the plaintiff if not the plaintiff might win the case and the defendant is responsible to pay debt to the plaintiff.


The lost party must appeal the case to the Appeal/Supreme Court within 1 month since the verdict day of First Instance/Appeal Court if not the verdict of First Instance/Appeal would be final.


After the verdict is final, the won party must execute the case within 10 years if not the won party would has no power to execute the case anymore.


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