Visa/Work Permit

Application Forms

To Tor.1

An alien who want to work in Thailand has to have a visa called “Non-Immigration-B. The alien could apply for the First Work Permit or request a new one when the original work permit was not renewed

To Tor.3

An employer could apply a work permit instead of the alien. Application for work permit instead of the alien is used in cases where the alien has not yet arrived in the Kingdom.

To Tor.5

Aliens who have been granted a work permit wishing to renew the work permit must apply for the work permit before the current work permit expires.

To Tor.6

An application used in the case of changing of work, place and workplace.

To Tor.4

If the work permit lost or broken, the alien could apply for a replaced work permit within 15 days since knowing day of damage or loss. Otherwise, the aliens shall be punished.

 To Tor.10

This application used for working entrance for necessary and urgent work. Working will not exceeding 15 days